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If you've ever seen Alpacas, even from a distance, they immediately captivate your imagination.  And if you've been to the PA Farm Show or other events, where you can actually reach out and touch them, you're probably amazed at how soft their fleece is, and how warm and friendly they can be.  But it's not until you step into the field with them, and walk quietly up to them, that you can truly appreciate them.

Hundreds of people have had this same experience at one of our Annual Open Barn Events.  It could be the simple pleasure of offering food, or taking one of our youngsters for a walk.  If you're interested in owning Alpacas yourself, you'll find plenty of honest, forthright information into the care and feeding of these beautiful creatures.

Many will take the time to visit our Farm Store, where they will find soft, handmade scarves woven from the fleece of our own herd.  If you check out the link for our Farm Store, you'll see the variety of wearables, accessories and toys we've found to complement our own work.

Or as just a family outing to breathe the crisp air of the country, you'll find something to remember.  Come, and sit a spell.  The Alpacas aren't in any hurry.  You don't need to either.  You're certainly welcome during our Open Barn Events, but you're also welcome to call anytime if you're in the neighborhood.  We all love visitors.


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