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  TAKE2  ALPACAS...building on a good foundation
Take2 Alpacas is a work in progress.  Our goal in raising Alpacas is to improve the fiber quality and conformation the unique American Alpaca through carefully selected breeding.  Our herd population is constantly changing, with several births each year.  We occasionally sell one or more animals to other farms in the area.  We enjoy sharing our love for these beautiful creatures with farm visitors and at special off-farm events. 

We are fortunate to have several prized blood lines represented on our farm.  We're always seeking opportunities to expand and improve our lineage through off-farm breedings.

If you would like more information about the husbandry or business aspect of owning Alpacas, we invite you to make a personal visit to our farm. Come and spend some quality time getting to know what makes these unique creatures so special. We can also share our farm mentoring program, giving you an extra measure of comfort should you decide that raising Alpacas is right for you.


Back in 2010, I produced  "Down on the Farm" as a birthday present for my grand daughter Darcey.  She lives in Texas and doesn't get to visit very often.
After looking at the finished video, I decided to make it available for other kids to enjoy.  Whether you're a little kid, or a big kid, we hope you enjoy this read-along video story book tale.  It's just another typical day "Down on the Farm".
If you'd like a personal DVD copy, just contact us and we can make one available to you.

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